Gracie Snider had a smile that would light up a room! She was a vibrant, beautiful, silly, talented, outgoing ten year old girl with a heart of gold. She was not only a daughter, sister, cousin, niece, granddaughter, and excellent student, but a rising soccer star as well. On Saturday, May 3, 2014, Gracie spent her day playing soccer, a sport she loved. Her day was filled with friends, family, laughter and love. Tragically, Gracie lost her life in a car accident on the trip home from Yakima that night.

Gracie had an insatiable zest for life, and from that, the Play for Gracie Foundation was born. When Gracie was not on the soccer field, you would find her on the basketball court, dancing and drumming with her classmates, running cross country, cheering on the Philadelphia Flyers, cartwheeling, and most importantly, looking up to her big sister, Morgan.

It is our dream to carry on Gracie’s passionate spirit. We understand how overwhelming the expenses can be for families who wish to enroll their kids in sports programs and other activities. Through the Play for Gracie Foundation, we are able to provide opportunities for kids to enjoy the sports and activites they love by offering scholarships, sports equipment and other needs that may arise.

Foundation Accomplishments

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Foundation Accomplishments

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